Actual Patient
Dentist: Lee Zuidema, DDS

Actual Centric Laboratories Patient

The Difference Is In The Details

At Centric Laboratories we understand that subtle details performed by a dental laboratory can make or break the most perfectly executed cosmetic dental case. As a result of this philosophy, everything we do, from the first point of contact—through the final seating, is structured around delivering excellence.

We will work with you in a manner that ensures your success. Our phones are answered in person, questions are encouraged, and we facilitate study groups for cosmetic dentists who are available for you to network with. Our technicians are highly trained artisans who are skilled at delivering both functional and aesthetic excellence. Upon delivery, you'll find restorations that seat rapidly and require minimal to no adjusting, saving you time and promoting patient satisfaction.

Superior restorations can change patient lives. An exceptional dental lab can change yours by streamlining efficiency and maximizing the bottom line.

Portrait by Click Photographic